Creating Entry Points

Entry Points allow you to create unique URLs that point to certain Sales Folders, Items, Packages, Memberships, or Donations.

1. Log into Administration.

2. Choose the Web folder and click the Entry Points icon.

3. Select the Entry Point Group where you will be creating the Entry Point(s). If you don't have an Entry Point Group, see How to Create Entry Point Groups.

4. In the Entry Point tier, right-click and select New. Select an option from the list (see the end of this article for a description of the options).

5. In the General tab, set the following information:

  • Name your entry point (this will show up in the navigation bar).
  • Enabled: Check this box if the link should be enabled.
  • If Include In Navigation Links is checked, then it will appear on your website in the navigation bar. Check this when you are ready for the page to go live.
  • A Display Group can be created if you need this to be displayed under a certain heading online.
  • A Passcode can be set, if the customers must enter a password to access the items on the page.
  • Display Sequence allows you to set the sort order of the links on the online navigation menu.
  • Display Search: Check this box to bring up a search bar in the navigation bar.
  • Sort Type allows you to sort the events by date or by alphabetical order. 
  • Group By Name combines all showings into one event for easier viewing.
  • Display Type allows you to choose the look and feel of the list.
  • Number of tiles dictates how many tiles are visible in the tile display type (Agile recommends 3). 
  • Offset: Use this to set how many days/weeks/months the system should look for events to sell (this is helpful for a festival or small series of events that occurs for a limited time only).
  • Specify Date: Use this to specify the start date of the offset. 

6. Go through the remaining tabs and select the correct information. (Note: depending on the type of entry point you chose, not all tabs will appear.)

  • Catalog: Select the specific catalog item.
  • Donation: Select the specific donation.
  • Event: Select the specific event.
  • Gift Card Program: Select the gift card program.
  • List Details: Check the options you want to appear online. Pull over the Filters that you want to appear from the Available Filters to the Selected Filters column. These allow customers to filter through the events. These filters come from your custom properties. For more information on custom properties, see our article here. Note: this tab may not appear depending on the type of entry point you chose.
  • Membership: Select the specific membership program.
  • Notes: For internal use and will not be seen by customers.
  • Organizations: Move the sales organization that houses your event(s) from the Available Organizations column to the Selected Organizations column.
  • Package: Select the specific package.
  • Package Renewal: For more information, see this article.
  • Text/HTML: Enter in the information you want to appear on the web page.

7. Once you have set this information, click Apply. The URL and the XML Feed links are created and are ready to be placed on your website. 

8. Right-click the Entry Point and select Copy Shortcut (or Copy to Clipboard from the General tab). This will copy the URL to your computer's clipboard. You can then paste the URL for an email blast, or, if you are an administrator for your website, you can add the link to the appropriate area on your website.  



  • Agile List: Event/Show: Displays event/show information. Best used if multiple events/shows are available for purchase.
  • Agile List: Catalog: Displays catalog information. Best used if multiple catalog items are available for purchase.
  • Catalog Info: Displays information specific to a single catalog item.
  • Donation Info: Displays information specific to a single donation.
  • Donation List: Displays donation information. Best used if multiple donations are available for purchase.
  • Event Info: Displays information specific to a single event.
  • Event List: Displays event information. Best used if multiple events are available for purchase.
  • External Link: Allows a URL that is hosted on a different website to be added to the navigation bar. This feature could be used if your website has a Contact Us page which you want customers to access from the Agile pages.
  • Gift Card Balance Inquiry: Allows customers to check the balance of their gift card online.
  • Gift Card Info: Displays information specific to a single gift card.
  • Gift Card List: Displays gift card information. Best used if multiple gift card are available for purchase.
  • Membership Info: Displays information specific to a single membership program.
  • Membership List: Displays membership program information. Best used if multiple membership programs are available for purchase.
  • Membership Renewal: Allows members to renew their membership online. 
  • Package Info: Displays information specific to a single package.
  • Package List: Displays package information. Best used if multiple packages are available for purchase.
  • Package Renewal: Allows package holders to renew their package online. 
  • Package Swap: Allows package holders to swap their package seating online.
  • Sign In: Provides an area for members to sign into their membership.
  • Welcome Page: Creates a blank page allowing Text and HTML to be added.
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