Create an Agile List: Catalog Entry Point

1. Log into Administration.

2. Select the House Icon .

3. Open the Web folder.

4. Select the Entry Points icon.

5. Highlight and select the Entry Point Group where you will be creating the URL.

6. In the Entry Point field, right-click, select NewAgile List, then Catalog.

7. Fill out the following areas on the General tab (not all will be applicable to your needs):

  • Name the URL (remember this will show up in your navigation menu. Keep it simple).
  • You can select or create a Display Group if you want it to be a part of a specific group on your navigation menu.
  • Add a Passcode only if you need the URL to only be available to customers who enter the passcode. Leave blank if the URL can be accessed by the general public.
  • Display Sequence sorts what order it appears in online.
  • Display Search will add a search bar to the page.
  • Display Type determines how catalog items are viewed online.

8. The List Details tab gives you control over what pieces of information is listed about each item. Check the boxes on the left-hand side to enable. Filters allow the customer to sort the listings online by Custom Property (click here to learn more about Custom Properties). To enable these, select the filter(s) needed and move over into the Selected Filters column.

9. The Organizations tab determines which sales folder(s) appear in the list online. (Note: this may need to be updated yearly.)

10. The XML Feed tab provides the XML Feed for your organization's website if you choose to use XML Feeds instead of Agile pages. 

11. The Notes tab is for internal use only. We recommend adding details here about how this URL is being used.

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