Creating Custom Properties

1. Log into Administration. 

2. Select the corporate organization. Open the Corporate Information folder and select Custom Properties. (Image 2)

Image 2

3. In the Custom Properties window right click and select New then select Event.  (Image 3) 

Image 3

4. The Custom Property: Properties screen will appear. (Image 4)

Image 4

5. Give the Property a Name and a Group name in the fields provided. (For this example, we have the title name as "Production Country" and the Group name is "Film Info")(Image 5)

Image 5

6. The Display Sequence tells the system in what order you want the categories to appear online.  (Image 6)

Image 6

7. Suggested Values allows you to create a list of often used properties that can be chosen from a drop down when adding to an individual show.   (Image 7)

Image 7 

8. Click  Apply to save this custom property then OK to close the screen. Your new custom property can now be seen in the Custom Property window. (Image 8) 

Image 8

9. Repeat the steps to add additional custom properties that you need.  Once completed, you will now have a list of different properties that you can associate specific information for a particular show or event. (Image 9)


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