Creating a Package Entry Point

Entry Points allow you to create unique URLs that are pointed to certain Sales Folders, Items, Packages, Memberships or Donations.

1. Log in under Administration.

2. Choose the Web folder and click on the Entry Points icon.

3. Select the Entry Point Group where you will be creating the Entry Point(s). If you don't have an Entry Point Group, see How to Create Entry Point Groups.

4. In the Entry Point field, right-click, and select New. You will see a list of menu options to choose from. Select Package Info (for a single package) or Package List (for a list of multiple packages on one page).

5. On the General Tab, Name your entry point.

6. A Display Group can be created if you need this to be displayed under a certain heading online.

7. A Passcode can be set if the customers must enter a password to access the items on the page.

8. Display Sequence allows you to set the sort order of the link on the online navigation menu.

9. Display Type allows you to choose the look and feel of the list. Basic or Verbose are what Agile recommends to use for Package type Entry Points.

10. In the Organizations tab, move the Sales Organization folder to the Selected Organizations column.

11. Once you have set completed the information, click Apply. The URL and the XML Feed links are created and are ready to be placed on your website.

12. Right-click on the Entry Point, and select Copy Shortcut. This will copy the URL to your computer's clip board. You can then paste the URL to an email for an email blast, or, if you are an administrator for your website, you can add the link to the appropriate area on your site.  


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