How to set up a Gift Membership Program

Gift Membership is a way for customers to purchase a membership as a gift for another person.

*NOTE: Gift Memberships do not automatically process into real Memberships in the system. Gift membership programs are built using the same mechanisms as gift certificate or gift card programs. A patron buys a gift membership that can be redeemed for a specific membership level, such as a $50 gift membership for an Individual level membership. After purchase, the patron then prints or forwards the gift membership certificate to the recipient. The recipient can then use the gift membership as the payment method on a new membership purchase online or at the box office.

1. We recommend building gift membership programs within your existing membership folder in Administration. In your Membership folder, select the Gift Card Program icon. Right-click in the Gift Card Program area and select New.

2. For the Sales Line Type, select Gift Membership. This will help you distinguish gift membership sales from gift card/certificate sales on reports.

3. Select the appropriate Revenue Account for this membership or use the ellipsis button to create a new account.

4. Place the public or customer-facing name of the gift membership in the Gift Card Program Name field. Place the name as it should appear on the sales screen and on reports in the Internal Name field.

5. For the Production Type, select Internal. This indicates that the gift membership format is generated from Agile, rather than being produced externally, such as for a preprinted gift card program.

6. For the Gift Card Format, select the format you've built for this gift membership. (See Creating a Ticket Format for more information.)

7. If your organization uses Project Codes, either select the correct code from the list or create a new one by clicking the ellipsis button.

8. In the Suggested Amounts field, enter the total amount of each of membership price you wish to be available for gifting. For example, if you have a $30 Senior membership, $45 Individual membership, and $70 Dual membership, then you would add 30, 45, and 70 as Suggested Amounts to this gift membership program.

9. Set the program on sale by clicking the Sales Channels tab, and select the Sales Channels (AMS Box Office, Web Standard, Web Member, etc.) where you would like customers to be able to buy this gift membership. The on-sale Start Date will default to today's date, and the End Date for sales will default to 50 years in the future. Revise these dates as necessary to when you need sales to start and end for this gift membership program.

10. Click on the Delivery tab and check the box next to each delivery method you'd like to make available for this membership. It's likely that you'll only need to check E-Delivery, but if you want to give patrons the option of picking up a physical format in-person as well then you could also select Will Call or another method.

11. Click the Web Descriptives tab. Here, you can add short, descriptive information to the online purchase page for the membership. Many clients like to use the Amount Area Description to add information about which amount can be redeemed for each membership level.

12. The Description and Extra HTML tabs can be used to add longer fields of verbiage to the online purchase page.

13. The Confirmation tab can be used to add verbiage or instructions to the order confirmation email received by the purchaser.

14. Click the Questions tab to set up and apply a series of Questions that can be used to get information about the recipient or gift membership level.

Note: If you only want members of your staff to process gift memberships into real memberships, then you must set up order questions to gather information about the level type and recipient. See the image below for a list of recommended questions. For more information on how to create questions, see Creating Order Questions.

15. Once you have created your questions, add them to the Selected Questions column.

For information on how to process orders into memberships see the How to Process/Sell Gift Memberships.

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