Creating Order Questions


How to Create Order Questions:

1. Log in to Administration.

2. Select the House icon . 

3. Click on the blue folder that houses your questions.


4. Click on the questions icon. 

5. Right-click and select New Order Question.

6. Under the General tab you will set up your questions by following these steps. 


A) Question Text: This is the Question that will appear online.


B) Type: These are the options for how the customer will answer the question.


C) Available Values: Add the answer values for the customer to choose and then click on the plus sign. If you need to sort the order of the answers, use the up down arrows.  If you need to remove an answer, select on the answer value and click on the red X to remove. 


D) Default Value: this answer will be automatically selected. If left blank, no answer will be automatically selected.

E) Regular Expression: Defines how the data should be entered and defined.

F) Example Text: If the answer requires a Regular Expression Format, give an example here (i.e. enter birthday as 01/05/1980).

G) Display Group: select the appropriate item from the drop-down, or add a new one by clicking on the ellipses. Note: You can Create a new group by clicking on the   icon.

H) Usage: "Per Sales Line Item (i.e. Each Event)" should be selected if the answer is only required per event. "Per Each Quantity (i.e. Each Ticket)" should be selected if the answer is required for each ticket.

I) Display Sequence: use this to order the questions. This also controls the order online.

J) Ticket Format Index: Allows you to assign the answer to the question as text on the ticket format. 

K) Answer Max Length: enter in the max answer length in characters.

L) Required: Check this if the question must be answered by the customer before finalizing the order.

M) Agent Managed Question: select this if the question should only be asked by ticket agents.

N) Enabled: check if this should enabled.

7) Notes: use this space for internal notes, these will not be seen by the customer.

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