Change the Price Date on an Item

In Agile, you can offer early bird or limited-time discounts by setting up a 'Price Date' to automatically change prices. However, you may sometimes wish to sell a customer the discounted price after the price has already reverted to the regular price. This article will show you how to add a price to an order and run back the clock so you can get access to a price that is no longer available.


1. Log in to Sales.

2. Add the item you want to sell to the order. Click Proceed when all items have been added.

3. In the Item Summary, click the price of the item you want to change.

4. In the Change Price pop-up window, click the calendar to change the Effective Sale Date to when the desired price was effective.

5. Click Get Prices to refresh the list.

6. Click the Select New Price drop-down menu and select the correct price.


7. If you need to discount the price, select the Percentage icon to create the desired discount.


8. Click OK after you’ve selected the correct price.

9. The item should now reflect the new price. Click Proceed to finish processing the order.


You have now successfully sold a past price date. To learn more about scheduling price changes with a Price Date, Click Here.

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