Changing a Price and Creating a New Effective Price Date

Creating a new Effective Price Date on an Existing Price

Limited-time pricing for membership drives, early bird discounts for tickets, and run-of-the-mill changes to your regular pricing are just some of the reasons you might wish to schedule a price change in Agile. With Agile Price Dates, you can set up price changes in advance or immediately update an existing price on your events or templates. Follow the steps below to learn how to change a Price Date:

1. Open the blue Sales Folder that contains the price you wish to change.


2. Click the Price icon.


3. Highlight the price that you wish to change.


4. In the Price Date field, right-click and select New. You will see the Price Distribution: New window appear. 


5. Right-click in the Distribution field and select New.


6. Select the Price Category from the drop-down and add your price. Select the Revenue Accounts from the Unredeemed Account and Redeemed Account drop-downs. Click Apply to save the price.


7.  Repeat Step 6 if you need to add additional fees or prices. 

8. Once all your Price Distributions have been added, click the Effective Sale Date to choose the date on which you want this price to take effect. 



9.  Click Apply to save your changes. 


10. The price will now change automatically on the date and time that you have chosen without you having to make edits to templates and/or events that have already been created. It will also allow you to keep historical pricing information on reports for past events. 


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