Adding a Membership Price

1. Log in to Administration

2. Click the Corporate Organization / House icon.

3. Open your Membership folder and click the Membership icon.

4. Select the correct membership program, right-click in the Membership Price area, and select New.

5. The Membership Price: New window will appear. It will open to the General tab:

  • You must either select a price from the list of price distributions at the top of the window OR create a new price distribution for this membership price.
    • If a new price distribution needs to be created, right-click in the price list area and select New Price. Enter in the name of the price. Click Apply to save the name and then OK to close the window.If the Price has a single dollar value:
      • Right-click in the Distributions area and click New.Membership_Price_Add_New.png
      • Input the Price Amount and select the correct Revenue Account(s) for this price. Click Apply and then OK.

If the Price may have a range of dollar values (such that customers may choose to pay between a range of different amounts for a membership):

      • Check the Variable Price box. Enter the minimum dollar amount for the price in the first box and the maximum dollar amount in the second box.Membership_Price_Variable_Price.png
      • Then, right-click in the Distributions area and click New.
      • In the Price Distribution: New window select the Price category and proper Revenue Account(s) for this price. For the Amount, input the default or starting amount you would like to appear in the number box online when someone selects this price.
      • Click Apply to save the new Distribution and OK to close this window.
  • Once the price has been built, click Apply and then OK in the Price Distribution window in order to return to the Membership Price window. From there, you will finish defining the characteristics of the price.


  • Sales Channel: Select the sales channel (AMS Box Office, Web Online, Web Advanced, etc.) on which this membership price should be sold. If you need to add versions of this price to more than one sales channel, you can do so quickly by using the Add New button after setting up all properties on the first version of the price. Step 14 of this article will describe this in more detail.
  • Price Type: Name this membership price. If the name of the membership price type is not listed in the dropdown list, click the ellipsis button to create the new name. If this is a renewal price, we recommend putting "Renewal" in the name. 
  • Level: This should be a generic name that will let you group similar memberships together. For example, many organizations have different versions of the same memberships price such as complimentary, renewal, dual, discounted, etc. It is generally more useful to email members of this level at the same time rather than to email comp members, renewed members, dual members, etc. separately. If the Level name you need is not listed in the dropdown list, click the ellipsis button to create a new Level type.
  • Functional Area: Choose the appropriate restriction level for this membership. Most membership prices are listed at a Level 0 so that customers and cashiers have access to those prices both in the box office and online. Level 1 Restriction and higher is generally used for prices that you do not want the public and most users at the POS to use.
  • Card Format: Choose the card format for the membership to print on.
  • Card Per Member will allow for multiple cards to be printed with the same member number for each member on the membership, whereas a Single Card will only print one card, regardless of the number of members on the membership.
  • Expiration:
    • If this is a Sliding Membership, input how many months after the purchase date this membership should expire.
    • If this is a Static Membership, input the date when this membership should expire.
  • Display Sequence: Use this to select the order in which this memberships price should appear in a list online, on the AMS sales screen, and on the POS sales screen. The closer to 0, the higher up in the list this membership price will appear.
  • Quantity Restriction: If necessary, input the minimum and/or maximum number of how many times this membership price can be added per order.
  • Multiple Customers: Enter in the number of customers that can added to the membership. For example, if this is a Dual Membership meant to be shared by only two people, then you would set both Min Customers and Max Customers to 2.
  • If this is a membership renewal price, then check the box next to Membership Renewal.
  • If the membership can be paid for over 12-month period, check Allow 12-Month Pledge box. NOTE: This is for DonorPerfect clients only. 
  • Prompt for Account Image: By checking this box, the customer will be prompted to add an image to the customer account. Prompt_for_account_image__membership.jpg

6. In the Description tab: Enter in specific information about this membership price. This will be displayed online.

7. Card Image tab: If the membership should have an specific image on the card, add it here.


8. Promotions Tab: Add specific promotion codes to the Selected Promotions column if they should apply to this membership. See Promotional Codes: Creating and Attaching Codes to Prices on how to add promotion code programs to your domain.

9. Questions Tab: Add order questions for customers to answer before completing checkout. See Creating Order Questions for more information. Move the question from the Available Questions column to the Selected Questions column to activate the question for this price.

10. Member Benefits tab: THIS STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT.  If the Benefit Group is not added to the price, then members will not be able to access any of their benefits online or at the box office. Right-click and select New.


  • Select the correct benefit group from the drop-down menu. Enter in the Effective Start/End Offset months (for Sliding Memberships) or dates (for Static Memberships). In most cases, these dates should correspond to when you want the membership to expire.   

11. Account Benefits tab: It is not very likely that you will need to add account benefits to a membership price. Account Benefits will be attached to the customer record of the purchaser, rather than to the membership created by a membership purchase. This can make account benefits harder to deal with globally than membership benefits, as their properties will have to be managed on individual member records instead of in the membership folder's Benefit Group area. That being said, if you do need to attach an account benefit via this membership price, right-click and select either New Static or New Sliding.  Select the correct benefit group from the drop-down menu. Enter in the Effective Start/End dates. Check Attach to Membership. 


12. Donor Management tab: This is only available for DonorPerfect clients. Select the appropriate items from the dropdowns. See these articles for more details on this tab: Gift Properties and Other Item Properties


13. The Auto Renewal tab allows you to make this membership price available for automatic renewal. Make sure that the Allow Auto Renewal box is checked. Select the renewal price from the dropdown as well as a delivery method. Finally, define how many days before expiration the auto renewal should be processed. Note: In order for the auto-renewal setup to work, credit card vaulting must be turned on for your domain, which is something only Agile representatives can do. Reach out to our Client Success representatives to learn more. 

14. Click Apply to save your changes. If you need to add more versions of this price to other Sales Channels (Web Online, AMS Advanced, etc.), click the Add New Button. Select the new Sales Channel, make any other changes as necessary to the price, and then hit Apply again to save the new version of the price.

15. Once you have finished making changes to your price(s), click OK to close the Membership Price window.

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