Adding New Items to an Existing Order

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If a customer wishes to add more tickets to their order for last-minute guests or if they wish to take advantage of an Add On they missed the first time around, you have the option to add these items to their existing order instead of placing a new order. That way, you can condense the customer's purchases onto one receipt so they do not need to keep up with multiple order confirmations. Follow the steps below to add new items to a customer's existing order:

  1. Log in to Sales.
  2. Click the Maintenance icon maintenance_icon.png and find the existing order.

(See Order Maintenance: Viewing Specific Orders for more information.) 

  1. Open the existing order and view the Order Summary.


  1. Click the Event tab.

  1. Find the item you wish to add to the order. Add the item(s) to the order and click Proceed.

  1. The Order Summary should now reflect the new items. Once all the new items have been added, click Proceed to move to the Payment Summary page. 

  1. The amount of the new tickets will be displayed in the Payment Information. Select the method of payment from the drop-down or from the cash amount buttons at the bottom of the screen.


  1. Once the payment has been processed, click Finalize

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