Order Maintenance: Viewing Specific Orders or Last Orders Sold or Maintained

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If you are needing to view or make changes to an existing order, sign into the Sales side of the Agile Windows application and click Maintenance at the top of the AMS (Agent-Managed-Sales) screen.


On the Maintenance screen, there are several ways to look up an order. The following is a highlight of the most relevant search methods:

  • Order #: Brings up an order based on the identifying number generated for it after payment was finalized. The order number can be found on the customer's receipt or email confirmation.
  • Last Name: Brings up the orders for every person with this last name in the system.
  • Customer #: Brings up all the orders associated with a specific customer record. If you do not know a patron's customer number, click the magnifying glass to bring up the Customer Search window and type the customer's information. Once you click the customer and select OK, all the orders under that customer number will appear.
  • Document #: If you have the card number with which an order was originally placed, type it here. Also, be sure to check the box next to the payment method to indicate whether this was a Credit Card or Gift Card payment. If you only have the last 4 digits of the card number used, you can still search for it by placing an "x" in front of the digits (e.g. "x1234").
  • Last orders for: Select this green check mark to bring up all your organization's orders from most to least recent. This can be helpful if you know the order you're searching for happened within the last few days. If your domain uses multiple corporate organizations, you may need to adjust the drop-down list first to make sure you are looking at the orders for the correct organization.
  • Last orders you sold or maintained: If you want to adjust an order that your user recently sold or maintained, click the green check mark.
  • Member #: Brings up all the orders tied to a patron's membership record.


  • If you want to bring up a list of orders for a specific event, click the magnifying glass next to List orders for an event. The Event Search window will pop up. Select a date range that includes when the event happened. If you know the name of the event or a word from its title, you may enter that into the Keyword textbox to narrow the search.


Depending on how you looked up an order, you may need to find the order you want to maintain out of a larger list of search results. If you click a column heading, the results will be sorted based on that column. Two of the most helpful sorting methods are by Name to sort orders by the order customer's last name and by Order Date to sort by when the order was placed.

Once you have identified the order you wish to maintain, double-click the order to open it. You will then be able to view the order details and make any desired changes.

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