Selling a New Membership in AMS

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If you ever need to sell a brand new membership over the phone or in the back office, the Agent Managed Sales (AMS) interface is a good place to process that sale. This guide will teach you how to add a customer to an order and issue a new membership in AMS.

  1. Log in to the Sales side of the Agile Ticketing Solutions software with your username and password. If you have not received your user credentials, please contact your system administrator to set up your username and password.

  2. Before you can sell the membership, you must cash in for the day. See "Cashing In and Creating a User Batch in AMS" for further instructions.

  3. Click the Customer icon to add a customer to the order (See Image 1).

    (Image 1)
  4. The Customer Search window will open. You can look customers up with a variety of fields, including, Name, Email Address, or home address. Type in any one of these fields and click Search to see a list of customer records that match your search criteria. If you see the customer in the list, double-click on their customer record and proceed to Step 7 (See Image 1.1).

    (Image 1.1)
  5. If your search doesn't find an existing record, you can create a new customer account by clicking Add New. (See Image 1.2)

  6. The Quick Add Customer window will open. Enter the customer's information and click OK (See Image 2)


    Note: We recommend capturing as much member information as possible at the time of sale to make it easy to reach out to the member through Agile Emails and Letters. That said, the number of fields you need to fill out will depend on how their membership will be delivered. If they will receive a physical card in the mail, then their name and billing address will be needed. If their card will be picked up at Will Call, only the first and last name will be necessary. Digital member cards will always require recording the customer's name and email address.

  7. Once a customer is added to the order, click the Membership tab on the left side of the screen (Image 3). Then, select the membership program from the list below (see Image 3).

  8. Click your membership program's name to make your membership prices appear. If you want to sell a complimentary membership but do not see it in the list, make sure the Restricted Prices box is checked. Checking this box will show you all available pricing options. (See Image 4).

  9. Enter 1 into the open entry box next to the membership level you want to sell. Then, click Add in the bottom right corner of the screen (see Image 5).

    Note: If you are adding a membership for the first time, make sure not to select a membership category with renewal in the price name (See instructions on "Renewing a Membership in AMS").

  10. Click “Proceed” in the lower right corner (see image 6).

  11. A window will open where you can assign the membership to the member’s name. Click the customer's name and then click “OK” (See Image 7).


    Note: Some membership levels, like Dual or Family memberships, allow you to save multiple people's names to the same membership. If you need to add one or more people to the membership you are selling, click the green Plus sign to add another customer to the membership (See Image 7.1).

    If this membership is going to be renewed automatically, check the Automatic Renewal box.                               Selling_a_Membership_2.jpg 
  12. On the Item Summary screen, review the price and member level to double-check the right price has been added to the order. (See Image 8).

  13. Once you have confirmed everything on the Item Summary screen is correct, click Proceed in the lower right-hand corner (See Image 9).

  14. The Change Delivery Methods window will open. Select the delivery method desired and then click OK (See Image 10).

  15. On the Payment Screen, click the (Choose Method) drop-down and select the payment method that matches the way the customer is paying for their membership (See Image 11). (Example: Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Gift Card, etc.)

    Note: If you are using a POS station or have a USB Credit Card swipe attached to your terminal, you can swipe the credit card and all the credit card information will populate and automatically finalize the order.

  16. Click Apply Payment to complete the order. If there is no balance due on the order or you are processing a complimentary membership, then you will only need to click Finalize to complete the transaction.
  17. (See Image 12).

  18. Once the order has finalized, the Order Confirmation page will open (See Image 13).

  19. Click Order Confirmation (See Image 14).

  20. The Order Confirmation Options box will open. Confirm the customer's email address, add any message you want to appear on the confirmation email in the Message area, and click Send Confirmation to email them their confirmation receipt (See Image 15).

Now that their membership is complete, the customer will automatically gain access to their new benefits online and at the box office.




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