Selling from an Inventory Hold in POS

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Sometimes the box office needs to issue a ticket that has been moved from Open or publicly available inventory into a Hold group that only your staff can access. Inventory hold groups can include ADA seats, season ticket reservations, or tickets for VIPs or artists. No matter who needs a held ticket or when they walk up to the box office, Agile has a way to switch from Open inventory to Hold inventory and back again to keep your ticket lines moving. Follow the steps below to learn how to sell tickets from a hold in POS. 

1. Click Action and select Set Inventory Group


2. Choose the Inventory Group Hold that you wish to sell from. 


3. Click the Event icon and select the Event you wish to sell.


4. Select the Price or section you are selling. 


NOTE: If selling a reserved seat, click on the Seat icon to see which seats are on hold.


5. The order will appear to the right of the screen. 


6. Process the payment. 


7. Once the payment has been processed, the order summary will turn orange. 


NOTE: Make sure to repeat Steps 1 and 2 to change your Inventory Hold back to Open once you have completed all transactions using the hold.


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