How to Sell a Ticket Pack in AMS

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Selling ticket packs in AMS is easy, but there are a few steps that are required in order for the customer to be able to access the benefits online. 

1. Log in to Sales in AMS.


2. Select the Catalog tab, and then select the Program that your ticket pack is built under (i.e. Membership, Merchandise, etc.)



3. Choose the Ticket Pack that you wish to sell. 

4. Before you process the order, click the Customer icon to search for the customer. If they are not an existing customer in the system, you MUST create a new Customer Record. You MUST include the customer's name and email address, as this is how the customer can access their ticket pack benefits online. 


Search for Customer OR


Create New Customer



5. Enter the number of ticket packs that the customer is purchasing and click Proceed.


6. Take Payment and finalize the order.


7. Once the order is complete, the customer will be able to access their ticket packs by logging in with their email address.  

CLICK HERE to learn how to Redeem Ticket Packs. 

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