Using the Schedule View

You are able to add to showing times to any show by simply dragging that show onto our schedule view. This schedule view also makes it easy for you to edit your showing time.  


1. Log into Administration

2. Click on the House Icon (Corporate Organization). HouseIcon.png

3.You can open the blue folder that houses your shows and click on the Schedule icon, or you are able to click on the schedule icon. 


6. Now you are able to all of your venues and all of the shows or events going on in that venue. If you see shows/events greyed out show that means that show is not in the folder you are currently in or they have been disabled. schedule_2.jpg

7. If you need to add a showing time to the schedule. Simply click on the show from the list above the schedule view and drag it to a time slot and venue. 


(Please note: that in order for the drag and drop feature to work, you must have a venue template set. For more information on building venue templates, click here.) 

8. A Showing: Properties window will appear, and you can refine your showing information, such as setting that showing on-sale and checking that you are placing it at the right time.  Recurring Every allows you to copy the same Show and Showing Time on the days of the week you choose. Make sure to select the last date that this show and time will be copied to.


9. Click Add, and you have now added your showing.  

10. You can view the schedule view by day, week, and timeline view by clicking the drop-down to the right. You are also able to change the time intervals that are displayed. If you would like to move from one day to the next you can click on the arrows to the left of the screen.  2020-01-08_114804.jpg

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