Building a Show in Web Portal

1. Log into the Web Portal.


2. Click on the Events in the menu to the left of the screen.


3. Click on the Show+ button on the bottom right corner of the screen.


4. Select the Folder that you wish to build the New Show and then click on Continue.

5. In the Properties window enter in the Name of the Show and the Internal Name.

Note: The Internal Name is what your staff will see in Sales and has a 50 character limitation.  Name is the true title of the Show/Event that will appear online on your website and has a 250 character limitation.

6. Make sure that the Enabled box is checked

7. Next select what Type of Show you are building.

8. Next enter in the Duration of your show (this should be done in minutes)

9. Enter a Full Description of your Show. This should include any detailed information about the show. This will appear on the ticket page for the Show.

10. In the Brief Description window, add a short synopsis or tag line for your show. 

11. Close the Properties area and then open the Media section.

12. The Media section allows you to upload images and trailers.  The ideal image size is 560 pixels wide by 315 pixels high. To upload your media content:

     A. Click on the Add Media button.


     B. Select the Type of Media you will be uploading. 


     C. Add a Caption that will appear on the Image.


     D. For images, click on the Upload Image button and select the image file from your computer.

     E. Click on the Accept button once you have uploaded your image.

     F. When uploading a Video or Trailer, select the Media Type from the drop down.  Videos must be either YouTUBE or Vimeo formats.


    G. Add a Caption that will appear on the Trailer.

    H. Copy the link and add to the Paste Trailer Link Here field. 

    I. Click on the Accept button once yo have uploaded all of your videos/trailers. 

    J.  You can reorder your images and trailers by clicking on the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

    K. Repeat the process to add additional images or videos. 

    L. Close the Media area once you have completed adding all of your Media content. 

13. Click on Custom Properties to begin adding any additional content for your show. Custom Properties are where you can add specific information about your show (i.e. Rating, Release Year, Cast & Crew, etc.). 

NOTE:  If you do have information for specific Custom Property fields,  you can leave the category blank. 

14. Click on Include Shorts if you have short films that need to be added to your Show. Select the Shorts from the drop down menu. ( Click here to learn how to build a Short) 

15. Once you have entered in all the information click on the Save Changes button and you are ready to create your showing dates.
You are now ready to build your Showing dates and time for this Show.  Click Here to learn how to create Showings
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