Adding a Showing in Web Portal

Once you have built your Show click on the on the Showing+ icon in the main events page. To learn more about building a Show in Web Portal, click here to access the article and tutorial.
1. Click on the Shows button at the bottom of the screen to get the list of Shows that you have built.
2. Highlight the Show that needs Showing times added.
3. Click on the Showing+ button on the bottom right of the screen. 
4. In the New Showing window, you will notice that the Folder and the Show have already been chosen. 
5. Select Template from the drop down menu. If you do not have a template to choose from, you will need to build one. To learn more about building a Template click here
6. Set the Start Date and Time for the Showing
7. Click Continue 
8. The Showing Edit  window will open. Should you need to make any changes to this Showing, you can do so now.  If not, at the bottom of the screen click the Save Changes button.
9. Click Publish when you are ready to place it on sale for public view. 
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