Adding a Virtual Showing In Portal

Once you have built your Show, you will need to create your Showing. Showings allow a user to create specific occurrences for the Show it is attached to. (Best used for the different performances of the same event, such as films.)
Prior to scheduling a Showing, the Show must be built first. To learn more about building a Show in Web Portal, click here.
1. Click on the Showings button at the side of the screen. 
2. Click on the Add Showing button at the top of the of the screen. 
3. In the New Showing window, select the Folder that houses your show. 
4. Next, Select your Show from the drop-down. 
5. Select Template from the drop-down menu. If you do not have a template to choose from, you can build one. Templates contain information such as inventory numbers and pricing. If your organization repeatedly uses the same information, we recommend building a template to save time. To learn more about building a Template click here
6. We allow you to build your Showing with flexibility. So even though your show is setup with Streaming Properties you can select whether your Showing will be In Person or Streaming/Virtual. Since this is Virtual Showing select Streaming/Virtual
7. Set the Start Date and Time for the Showing
8. Click Continue 

9. Scroll down to the Sales Channel Availability section. Here you can set a time for when your customers can start purchasing access to your Showing.  


25. First, select a Mode. Advanced mode breaks out your sales channel options to the web and box office. You are able to set specific parameters for Web sales and Box Office sales. Simple mode allows you to make changes to all sales channels at once. 



26. Click the box next to the sales channels you would like to activate. 


27. Set the time that you would like sales for your Showing to go active and when you'd like them to end.


8. The Showing Edit window will open. Should you need to make any changes to this Showing, you can do so now. If not, at the bottom of the screen click the Save Changes button.
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