Editing a Customer Record in POS

1. In the POS screen, click the Customer Search icon at the top of the screen. 


2. Enter the customer's Last Name and First Name. Then, click Search


3. Click the Edit button next to the customer's name. 


4. In the General tab, you can make changes to the customer's contact information and edit the answers to any Customer Questions. You are also able to upload and edit an image for the customer. To learn more about customer images, see Adding an Image to a Customer Record


5. The Related tab allows you to add customers that need to be associated with this customer record to complete a household (i.e. Jane Hawkings can be added as Steven Hawkings' wife).


  • To add a relationship to a customer record, click the green plus sign. Green_Plus_Sign.jpg 
  • Click the drop-down menu and select the type of relationship the customer has with the other customer. Related_2.jpg
  • Type the related Customers' Number or search for the related customer by clicking the Magnifying Glass.
  • Once you see the related customer's name in the Name field, click OK.Related_tab3.jpgRelated_tab_4.jpg

6. The Membership tab allows you to manage a customer's membership. You are able to edit a member's expiration date and additional member benefits manually.


7. The Web Login tab is where you create and manage that customer's login information.


  • To create a new username and password for the customer, click the Globe icon.Globe_Icon.jpg Enter the username and generate a random password. Web_Log_in_2.jpg
  • If a customer has forgotten their password, click the Random Password button to generate a new temporary password for them. 
  • Clicking the Envelope icon will send a reset password email that allows the customer to change their own password.Web_Log_in_3.jpg

8. In the Touchpoints tab, you can add and manage touchpoints tasks for this customer. Click here to learn more about touch points.


9. The Account Benefits tab is where you will be able to manage any benefits associated with this customer's account. To add a new benefit, right-click and hover the mouse over New. Then, select the type of benefit you are adding. To edit an existing benefit, right-click the benefit and select Properties.


10. The Notes tab is where you can keep internal notes about this customer. The Operator Notice checkbox tells the system that when this customer record is pulled, the note will appear to your staff (e.g. "This is a Board Member. Please pay special attention to him").  


11. Once you have made the changes, click Apply to save and OK to close the window. 




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