How to use Touch Point Tasks in AMS

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Touch Point Tasks allows you to create a task under a specific customer and then assign that task to a member of your staff to communicate with that customer.  

Follow these steps to create Touch Point Tasks under a Customer record. 

1. In AMS, search for a Customer Record


2. Once you have selected the Customer, click on the Customer Number to open the record. 


3. Click on the Touch Points tab


4. Right click on the Touch Points field and select Add.


5. Enter the Subject of this task.


6. In the Type drop-down, select the type of communication that should be used to contact this customer (i.e EmailPhone, etc.).


7. In the Assigned To drop-down, select the staff member that this task will be assigned. 


8. Check the Due Date box and select the Date that this task needs to be completed.


9.  Add any additional information about this task in the Comments area. 


10. Click Apply to save and OK to close the window.

11. When the staff member is logged into AMS, they will see the list of tasks at the bottom of the screen. 


12. To look at the details of a specific task that you were assigned, simply double-click on the task and the task window will open. 

13. If there needs to be a follow up on any of the tasks, simply open the task, click on the Follow Ups tab and add or adjust the notes.

14. Once the task is completed, the staff member can check mark the box next to Complete. 




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