Using a Gift Card as Payment in POS

Given how easy it is for customers to redeem gift cards in Agile, it's no wonder your customers will want to use them at the box office! The Point-of-Sale (POS) interface makes it possible to apply the balance of a gift card to a walkup sale for tickets, concessions, and even memberships. Follow the steps below to learn how to use a gift card to pay for an order in POS.

1. Cash into POS. (To learn how, see Cashing in and Creating a Daily User Batch in POS.)

2. Add the items that the customer wishes to purchase into the cart. (To learn how, see Selling a Ticket in POS.) 

3. Once all items are in the cart, swipe the gift card using a credit card swipe.

4. If you do not have a card swipe at your station, click the Enter Payment Method icon at the top of the screen.


5. From the Choose Method drop-down menu, select Gift Card


6. If your terminal has a built-in or plugin credit card swipe purchased from Agile, you can run the gift card through your swipe. If not, you can enter the gift card number into the Gift Card Number Lookup window and click Search.


Please note: Agile gift cards cannot be swiped through Pax or Moneris credit card readers.

7. Once you have searched and found the gift card, click OK to use the card. Then, click Proceed


8. If there is still a balance due after applying the gift card, process the payment with other payment types (Cash, Credit, Check, etc.) to complete the order.



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