Selling a Ticket in POS

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1. Login to Sales in Agile Ticketing Solutions with your Username and Password. If you haven’t received your user credentials, please contact your System Administrator to set up your Username and Password. Make sure that you are cashed in before starting sales for the day.  See "How to Cash In Using POS" for further instructions.

2. You will need to set the Buyer Type before you start processing sales for the day. To do so, click on Action (the gears icon) at the top of the screen and select “Set Buyer Type.” A screen will appear where you can choose the appropriate Buyer Type. In this example, we will select "AMS - Box Office."

NOTE: If your organization has multiple corporate organizations in Agile, you will need to select which one you are working with before you can select Buyer Type.


3. Select the “Event” icon in the upper portion of the screen. This will allow you to see all the Events that are on sale.

4. Click on the event for which you are selling a ticket. The Ticket Types will be listed in the bottom section of the screen. Select the admission price you want to sell to the customer. If you are selling more than one ticket in an order, click on the Ticket Type for each ticket you are selling. (i.e. If you need 2 adults and one student ticket, click on the General Admission ticket twice and the General Admission Student/Senior ticket once.)

5. To confirm an order, view the Item Summary section to at the right side of the screen to make sure the order is correct.


6. Once an order has been confirmed, click on the “Enter Payment” icon.


7. A screen will pop up asking you to enter the customer's information so you can tie the ticket purchase to their account.

8. A screen will pop up asking you to change delivery method. Select desired method and click on “OK”.

9. Another screen will pop up asking you to choose the method of payment. Select the payment type that corresponds with how the customer wishes to pay (Example: Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Gift Card, etc.).

At this point, if you have a USB Credit Card swipe attached to your Terminal, you can swipe the credit card to populate all the credit card information. This will automatically finalize the order.

10. Click “Proceed” to complete the order.

11. You will know the order is complete when the window in the lower right corner turns yellow and “Last Order” appears at the top of the corner.


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