Processing an order with a Deferred Balance

Deferred Balances are orders that have a balance due on an existing order. Follow these steps to apply payment or remove a Deferred Balance on an order.

1. First, go to the Reporting Portal and open up the Accounting Reports. Select the Deferred Balance Orders report and enter the Sales Date Range to pull all orders with a Deferred Balance during the specific time period you have chosen. 

2. Go to Maintenance and find the order with the Deferred Balance. For more information on searching for an order see: Order Maintenance: Viewing Specific Orders Or Last Orders Sold Or Maintained

3. Click on the order to open up the Item Summary page. 

4. Once in the Item Summary page you will be able to see the Deferred Balance in the upper-right corner.   

5. Once you have confirmed that this order does have a Deferred Balance click on Proceed in the bottom-right corner.

6. You should be in the Payment Summary screen. The payment information field should be at $0.00. Enter the amount to the deferred balance that you will be paying for this order.  

7.Choose the Payment Type from the drop down and click on Apply Payment

8. Click on Finalize to complete paying off the Deferred Balance

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