Bulk Fulfillment - Printing two passes on one sheet


1. Log into Agile and click Support Functions.

2. Select Fulfillment and then Membership from the menu.

3. On the Menu on the left, select the Pass List that you will be printing.

4. Checkmark the passes that you will be printing. NOTE: You can sort and filter the columns and print only what you need to print. We recommend that you do sort by the Pass Levels so that you can print all of the same type of pass in one print file.

5. Select the Ticket icon at the bottom of the screen.

6. In the Header Format dropdown list, select No Header Print.
7. In the Order Receipt dropdown list, select No Receipt Print.
8. Un-check the box next to Print Payment Receipts as you will not need to print the receipts.

9. In the Sort Orders By dropdown list, select Last Name.
10. In the Batch Description, create a name for the batch file (i.e. Sponsor Pass Jan 1, Press Pass Jan 1, etc.).

11. Depending on how you will be printing your passes will determine what radio buttons to select:
   a. Save info to Excel file allows you to generate an Excel spreadsheet that will give you the name of the passholder, barcode number, etc. that then can be sent to a professional printer.

   b. Print to PDF file allows you to create a PDF of all passes based on the format that is associated with the pass level. The PDF allows you to proof everything before sending it to a printer.

   c. Print to selected printers allows you to immediately print the fulfillment list to your Inkjet or Laser printer. NOTE: If you would like to purchase perforated pass paper, please contact our ISS department for a quote.

Note: You will be asked to save the response file. Please choose a location on your computer. 

12. Check the box next to Print 2 Passes Per Page.

13. Move the printer from the Available Printers column to the Selected Printers column. If you have not set up a printer in Agile, contact your Client Support Rep for assistance.

14. Click OK to start the fulfillment process.

15. You will see a results window that will tell you when the printing process is completed and sent to the printer. Click OK once completed.

If you printed to a PDF, you can now you can open the PDF and send it to the printer.

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