Pulling a CRM Report for Unfulfilled Print at Home Tickets

Sometimes Print at Home Tickets don't get fulfilled and sent to customers the way you intend. This sometimes happens when a ticket format is not attached to a ticket price before it is sold. In these situations, you may need a list of customers who did not receive their Print at Home tickets so you can learn how many customers were affected and plan your next steps to contact them or resend their tickets. 


In Agile, you can pull a CRM list of customers who have not received their Print At Home Tickets. Follow these instructions to pull this list.

1. In Administration, click on the House icon.


2. Click on the Customer Relations folder.


3. Select Emails and Letters.


4. In the CRM Query list, select Event Print-At-Home Unfulfilled.

5. In the CRM Query Email field, right-click and select New.

6. Click on the Set Parameters button.

7. Select the Sales Organization folder from the list provided.

8. Select the Event Name, and then click on OK.

9. The list of customers that have not received their Print at Home tickets will appear. 

10. Click Export Data to CSV to save the information to a spread sheet.

11. Switch to Sales and click on Maintenance to look up their order.

13. Send their tickets to them via email. (See Re-sending Print At Home Tickets)


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