Searching for an Existing Customer

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There are multiple ways to search for an existing customer.

AMS Sales

1) Login to the Sales side of Agile Windows application.
2) Click the Customer icon.
3) Type a Keyword to search for the customer (last name, email, etc.) and click the Search button. 




1) Login to the Sales side of the Agile Windows application.

2) Click the Point of Sale icon.

3) Click the Search icon.

4) Enter the customer's information and click Search.




1) Login to the Administration side of the Agile Windows application.

2) Expand the Customer Relations folder and click the Customers icon.


3) Enter the customer's information and click Search.


Note: If the customer is not coming up, try searching for one field at a time (ex. Last Name only). To broaden the search range, do not check the Exact Name Match box.


Web Portal

1. Log in to Web Portal at

2. Click the Customer Relations tab.

Web Portal Customer Relations.jpg

3. Click the Customers tab.


4. Enter the customer's information (last name, phone number, email, customer #, etc.) into the Search box. You can expand your search by checking the following boxes:

  • Exact Match - Unchecking this box will allow customers with fields that don't exactly match your search criteria to appear in your search results. This can be helpful in tracking down duplicate accounts.
  • Show In-Active - Checking this box will cause inactive customers to appear in your search results.
  • Include Related - Checking this box will also pull customers who are saved as Contacts on customer records who match your search criteria.

5. Click Search


5.  Click the Pencil/Edit icon next to the customer you are looking for.

6. You will arrive on the Properties page of the customer record, where you can update contact information, send a password reset email, and view the customer's order history.

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