Creating a Donation



1. Log in to Administration.

2. Click on the Corporate Organization icon .


3. Open the Accounting folder and click on the Donations icon.


4. Right click and select New.


5. In the General tab: 

       A) Name: name of the donation, this will be visible online to customers.

       B) Sort Name: name of the donation, donations will be sorted online with these names.

       C) Sales Line Type: select the one that fits the donation the best or create a new one by clicking on the ellipses.

       D) Account: select the correct Revenue-Payment Account or create a new one by clicking on the ellipses.

       E) Donation Levels: enter in the different levels of the donation available. Click "Add" or "Remove" to edit these.

       F) Display Sequence: places the donations in a specific order.

       G) Project Code: select the correct item from the list or create a new one by clicking on the ellipses.

       H) Enabled: make sure this is checked to make available.

Note: Allow 12 month pledge is an option only available to Donor Perfect clients and will allow donations to be divided between 12 months. The minimum pledge amount can also be specified.


6. In the Sales Channels tab select the appropriate sales channels.

7. The Start and End date can be specified for a later on-sale date.

8. If Alert During Checkout is selected, this will allow a prompt during AMS and online sales.


9. In the Images tab you are able to add an image for online viewing.


10. Web Control tab: "Allow Open Amount Entry Box" allows customers to enter in any amount. 

Note: All donations must be $2 or greater.


11. Web Descriptives tab:

-Secondary Text:

-Short Description: Recommended to enter a short descriptive that will be seen under Donation Fund Name (more info will appear when longer descriptions are necessary).

-Selection Prompt: text appears on your web page above the dollar values.

-Levels Area Description: allows you to enter important information as in image below. 


12. Description tab: enter in more information regarding the donation.

13. Extra HTML tab: can include more information about the donation.

14. Confirmation tab: include information specific to the donation that you want added in the confirmation email.

15. Questions tab: add questions in here to be asked of the customer. Move the questions from the "Available Questions" column to the "Selected Questions" column. For more information see Creating Order Questions


Note: The Donor Management tab is for Donor Perfect clients only. Select the correct options from the drop-downs. These items draw from your Donor Perfect items. You can add new campaigns by clicking on the green plus sign.


16. Notes tab: this area is for internal use only and will not be seen by the customer.

17. Once you have filled out all of the information in each tab click Apply then OK.

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