Adding a General Admission Tier

1) Login to Administration.

2) After creating the template (see Building a Venue Template for more information), right-click in the Tier/Inventory section and click New Tier.

3) General Tab:

  • Sales Line Type: select the correct option from the drop-down tier, usually General Admission or Admission.
  • Tier Name: select the correct option from the drop-down tier, usually General Admission.
  • Zero Available Qty Message: enter in a message here that will appear when the event is sold out. If left blank, Not Available will automatically populate.
  • Show Available Qty On Web: check if the quantity should be seen only.
  • Tier Priority: similar to display sequence, orders the tiers online.
  • Color: choose a color for the tier, usually used on reserved tiers.
  • Time Based Tierit allows you to associate a certain timer with that tier. 
  • Enabled: check if should be enabled.
  • General Admission: this box must be checked. 
  • Initial Default Inventory: enter in the number of seats here, if known.

4) Click Apply.

5) An Open Inventory Group appears. If this is the only inventory group needed, then click OK and build the pricing.

6) If more Inventory Groups are needed, right-click and select New.

7) General:

  • Inventory Group: select the name of the inventory group.
  • Adjust Available Qty: enter in the number of seats that should be in this tier.
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