Changing a Billing Address on an Existing Order

1. Log in to Sales.

2. Select Maintenance. (Image 1) 

Image 1

3. Search for the customer by entering the Order # or the customer’s Last Name. Then, click the appropriate green check mark. (Image 2)

Image 2

4. Double-click the correct order to bring up order contents on the Item Summary page. (Image 3)

Image 3

5.  Once in the Item Summary, click the Billing Address at the top of the page. (Image 4) 

Image 4

6. The Customer Address page will pop up. (Image 5)

Image 5

7. From the drop-down, select Add a New Address if you want to input a new billing address or select from an address already in the system. Once it has been changed, click Ok. (Image 6)

Image 6

8. You will be taken back to the Item Summary page. Click Proceed. (Image 7)

Image 7

8. You will be taken to the Payment screen. Click Finalize to save the changes to the Billing Address. (Image 8)

Image 8


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