Using a Gift Card in AMS

  1. Add events, memberships, passes, and any other items to the customer's order and click the Proceed button. On the Item Summary screen, review the items the customer is wanting to purchase. If the order is correct, click Proceed.
  2. A window will pop up asking you to select the delivery method. Choose how the customer would like to receive each item. Then, click OK.
  3. The payment screen will appear. In the Choose Method drop-down list, select Gift Card.
  4. Gift Card Lookup window will appear. If you have a USB swipe attached to your device, you may swipe the gift card at this time. Otherwise, type the Gift Card Number and click Search.
  5. The remaining amount on the card will appear in the Current Balance area of the window.

    NOTE: If the amount on the card is more than the amount owed, the gift card will process the order like a credit card and automatically finalize the order with a remaining balance on the card.

  6. If there is money still due on the order, you will then need to add another payment type (cash, check, etc.) to complete the transaction.



Adding Money to a Gift Card

  1. In Sales, click the Gift Card tab. 
  2. Select your Gift Card Program
  3. In the Recharge Amount area, enter the monetary amount to be placed on the card.
  4. Click Add in the bottom-right corner of the screen. 
  5. The Gift Card Lookup window will appear. Swipe the card or enter the gift card number. Click OK.    
  6.  Confirm the amount on the Item Summary page. If everything looks correct, click Proceed
  7. In the Payment Screen, process the payment and click Apply Payment


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