Upgrading a Membership


Sometimes members want to contribute more to your organization, or perhaps they want access to more perks than their current member level gives them, so they may ask you to 'upgrade' their membership to a higher membership level well before their membership expires. You can give them a higher membership level in Agile without issuing them a new member number and apply their previous payment to cover some of the cost of the new level.


You could always sell them a renewal on the new level instead of upgrading them. However a customer may be less willing to renew if they recently bought their membership, and applying their past payment to a higher level is a good way to thank them for their support and loyalty to your organization.


These steps will show you how to open a member's last membership order, change the price to the higher level's price, and charge them for the difference in memberships.


1. Log In to Sales. (Image 1)


Image 1

2. Select Maintenance and look up the order by inputting the customer's Last NameOrder # or Member #. Then, select the order you want to work with. (Image 2)  


Image 2

3. Double-click the order that you want to change and go to the Order Item Summary. (Image 3)

Image 3

4. In the Order Item Summary, click the price of the membership you wish to update. (Image 4)

Image 4

5. The Change Price window will pop-up. Select the new price under Selectable Prices. (Image 5)


Image 5

6. Once you have selected the new price, you will see the updated membership type in the Item Summary screen. Click Proceed to move to Payment window. (Image 6)

Image 6

7. If this is an even exchange and no money is due, click Finalize to complete the changes. If there is a balance due or a refund owed to the customer, process the payment/refund to finalize the order. (Image 7)


Image 7


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