Will Call Fulfillment for an Individual Show

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Will Call tickets can be printed in advance of a show so that customers can quickly pick them up at the box office.

  1. First, log in to Agile Sales and Cash In for the day. (Please see "How to Cash In and Create a Daily User Batch in AMS" if you are unsure how to do this.)

  2. Select the Buyer Type (AMS – Box Office) and click the Event tab (See Image 1).
     Image 1

  3. Under the Event tab, select the Sales Organization that houses the event for which you are trying to print tickets. Then, select the individual showing of the event that needs Will Call tickets printed (See Image 2.1). 
    Image 2
    If necessary, use the Keyword Search textbox to find the event (See Image 2.2).WCFISstep3.2.png Image 2.2                                                                                                                                                 
  4. Once you see the event that you wish to print, right-click the event and select Fulfill Tickets (See Image 3).
     Image 3

  5. The Fulfillment window will appear (See Image 4).
      Image 4 

  6. The left side of the screen will display the number of Will Call tickets that may be printed. Select Will Call so that the list of Will Call orders will populate on the right side of the screen (See Image 5).
     Image 5

  7. Click the green check mark at the bottom of the screen to select every order (See Image 6).
     Image 6

  8. Once all the orders are selected, click the Ticket Icon at the bottom of the screen (See Image 7). 
    Image 7

  9. The Fulfillment Options screen will appear (See Image 8). Select a Header Format and un-check Print Payment Receipts. Set Sort Orders By to Last Name so that tickets will print in alphabetical order by last name. If necessary, type any notes about this fulfillment in the Batch Description box. From the Available Printer list, double-click your fulfillment printer to move it to the Selected Printers column.  Make sure everything is correct and select OK.
    Image 8

  10. A progress screen will appear. Once the progress bar is complete, click OK and wait for your tickets to finish printing (See Image 9).
    Image 9

    Your Will Call tickets are now ready for customer pickup.
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