Agile Ticketing Update 6.30

00:12 Web Portal Additions

02:08 Whole Order Discount

03:34 Changing Delivery Methods in POS

04:00 Improved Catalog Items in POS

04:40 Sales Channel Settings

05:17 Event Media Gallery Update

06:20 Google Analytics Support

06:51 Required Framework Updates

07:17 New Features Coming Soon


We are excited to announce our most recent update is about to be released. This update provides significant benefits to the Agile Ticketing System. The update is expected to occur early April 25, 2023 between the hours of 3:00 AM CST and 5:00 AM CST.

During this time, you will not be able to access the ticketing platform, run reports, or receive any automated reports.

The next time you log into the system on or after Tuesday, April 25, 2023, you will automatically be updated to the newest version. The update should only take a few moments to apply. Once the update is complete you will be able to access the system as you normally would. A summary of all the changes included in this update is shown below.


  • Portal
    • Added Accounting batch option under settings.
    • Added ability to add/edit Membership/Pass programs.
    • Added ability to add/edit benefits and groups.
  • Usability Improvements
    • Added option to discount whole order by percentage.
    • Added option to initiate delivery method change in POS mode.
    • Improved processing in POS for large number of Catalog Items.
    • Added a new search/filter options to catalog items.
    • Made evaluating benefits for large amounts of catalog items faster.
    • Changed end date for non event sales channels to be way out in the future by default.
    • Added captions support to online media gallery.
  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager
    • Updated to support new GA4 properties.  Google's Universal Analytics will no longer be supported after July 1, 2023.
    • Refer to our updated documentation on how to set up the new GA4 properties through normal Analytics or Google Tag Manager.
  • Required App Framework Updates
    • Our app needs a few of its frameworks updated to allow us to use some new features in the future.  Last version these updates were optional and you may have said "Remind Me Later", but the updates will be required with this version.  If you do not see the framework update notice, then everything is already up to date on your terminal.
  • Setting groundwork for upcoming enhancements
    • Fandango Integration
    • Customer Facing app

Maintenance Items

  • Fixed an issue with benefit evaluation taking a long time for catalog items in POS mode.
  • Fixed an issue with using level restricted delivery prices.
  • Fixed an issue with choosing the correct template for showing imports.
  • Updated web browser component inside app.
  • Fixed an issue with midnight showtimes showing on the next day incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with QR codes not using the correct barcode value when editing a ticket format..
  • Added created and modified dates to Entry Points and Groups.
  • Fixed an issue with shorts import not pulling in custom properties correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Kiosk printing when there are no other delivery methods.
  • Fixed perspective image to make sure it shows up on section map selection.
  • Fixed issue with disabled inventory groups showing up in inventory transfer process.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying forwarded tickets that have been forwarded to themselves.
  • Fixed issue with description field visibility on package renewal page.
  • Fixed an issue with importing shorts without a defined date.
  • Fixed an issue with the seating grid showing up as blank in the app if no open seats are available.
  • Continued adding support for external integration settings for portal.
  • Fixed PAX device receipts so they can use specific receipt formats.
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