Adding Google Tag Manager to Agile Ticketing Solutions

With Google Tag Manager (GTM), users have been given a new level of freedom for adding a much wider array of analytics and tracking features to their websites. Agile Ticketing Solutions has added a feature that lets your organization place a GTM container into the Agile Websales Application. This allows you to use the broad capability provided by the GTM system to your advantage with only a few steps. To begin using GTM in Agile, do the following:

  1. Create your Google Tag Manager Account and a new Web Container [GTM] (if you already have a Container ID you would like to use, skip this step.
  2. Navigate to the Settings Folder under your organization in the Agile Client and enter your GTM Container ID as indicated in the following image.GTMID-Agile.PNG
  3. Now that you have entered the Container ID, the Agile software will add the appropriate script elements into the Websales application.

If you wish to send event data to a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property data stream please follow the next set of steps to enable your Container to send event data through to your GA4 Property.

  1. Login to the GTM environment and select the same container used above.
  2. Create a new Tag named "Google Analytics GA4 Configuration". This tag should be of type Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration. Enter your Data Stream Measurement ID and select "Send a page view event when this configuration loads". Set trigger for All Pages. If you want to track ecommerce events in addition to the page view proceed with the next two steps otherwise you can proceed to the last step.GA4-GTM-TagConfig.JPG
  3. Create a new Trigger named "GA4 Ecommerce Events". The trigger type will be set to Custom Event, and the Event Name will be "view_item_list|select_item|view_item|add_to_cart|remove_from_cart|view_cart|begin_checkout|add_shipping_info|add_payment_info|purchase". Use regex matching should be selected and this should be set to fire on all Custom Events.GA4-GTM-Trigger.JPG
  4. Create a new Tag named "Google Analytics GA4 Ecommerce". This tag should be of type Google Analytics: GA4 Event. The configuration tag should be set to the Tag created in the previous step. The Event Name should be set to "{{Event}}". Under more settings you should check "Send Ecommerce data" and select "Data Layer" as the Data source. Set trigger to the Trigger set up in step 2 of this section "GA4 Ecommerce Events".GA4-GTM-TagECom.JPG
  5. At this point, you will want to Verify, Submit, and Publish your changes. After you Verify and Publish, you will begin to see GA4 event data flowing from the Agile Websales application through your GTM container into your Google Analytics 4 property.

Additional elements such as a Facebook/Twitter Pixel ID can be added through the Tag Manager interface. Each respective provider has instructions for adding these. (Facebook, Twitter)


* Ecommerce data may take some time to begin showing up. It is typically a pretty small window of time (approx. 15-30 minutes) but could take longer in some instances.

* It is not recommended to use the same Data Stream Measurement ID in the Settings area of Agile and in a Container that is also used in the Settings area of Agile as this may cause duplication of event data.

* All changes in Tag Manager must be Submitted and Published in order to take effect.

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