Logging into your Membership Account

When you sign in online, your Membership Account gives you access to all the benefits of your membership. Log into this account to view any items your membership level gives you access to, which may include tickets, merchandise, passes, and more.

1. Go to the Organization's website. Select the Calendar or Event List from the menu.

2. Click the User icon at the top right of the page.  


3. On the Sign In page select the Are you a Member? button. 


4. Enter your Member Number. This number can be found on your confirmation email. If you have a Membership Card, you can find your member number on the back of the card.


5. If you have a Dual Membership account (meaning more than one person is on your account), you will need to select your name from the drop-down. Then click Submit. NOTE: Each member on a Dual Membership Account can create their own online account.


6. For first-time users, you will be prompted to create an online account with a username and password. Passwords need to be between 6 and 15 characters long and should be something you can remember. Once you have created your username and password, click Create Account


7. You are now able to select your events and redeem your membership benefits online. 



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