Creating a Discount Price in POS


Creating a discount in POS can be helpful when you want to offer a one-time discount to a customer but you don't have time to switch into the Admin app to set up the price. Sales agents now have the ability to discount one of your regular prices at the Point-of-Sale (POS). Thus, you can offer discounts as limited-time promotions without cluttering your sales interface. Follow these steps to add a discounted item to an order:

1. Select the appropriate icon at the top of the POS screen (In this example, the Catalog icon is selected to discount the price of a Concession item). 


2. Select the Sales Line Type or category of the item you want to discount.


3. Choose the Display Group within the category.


4.  Click the Percentage Sign icon on the right side of the screen.


5. Select the item that you want to discount. 


6. In the Reduction Amount? window, enter the discount you will be giving (In this example, "50" is entered to create a 50% discount off the $5.00 drink.)

  • Choose the top button if you want to give a percentage off the regular price.
  • Choose the middle button if you want to take a dollar amount off the regular price.
  • Choose the bottom button if you want this to be the price you want to charge. 


7. The item will now appear in the shopping cart at the discounted price


8. Complete the transaction once all items have been added to the cart. 


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