Agile Ticketing Solutions Hardware Clause

Why Purchase Equipment from Agile Ticketing Solutions 

Equipment purchased from AgileTix comes preconfigured to your account to ensure ease of use and each terminal includes a 5-year warranty, Linea Scanners come with a 1 year warranty, and all other equipment comes with a 3 year warranty. Equipment is shipped ready for plug-and-play. The warranty on terminals purchased through AgileTix covers any repairs as well as provides a temporary replacement terminal while yours is in for repair, to make sure that your business continues to be fully operational. If the equipment includes an attached credit card swipe, the swipe is injected with a proprietary encryption key that offers an increased level of security for you and your customers when processing payments.  

AgileTix strongly encourages clients to purchase equipment from us however it is not required. Equipment purchased outside of AgileTix must meet our system requirements but please note, compatibility is not guaranteed 

  • We cannot guarantee functionality of any equipment purchased outside of Agile. 
  • AgileTix cannot honor warranties on equipment purchased outside of Agile. If temporary equipment is needed, it must be rented and is subject to availability. 
  • Equipment purchased outside of AgileTix will likely need to be configured before usage. Examples of this include, but are not limited to: 
      • Barcode Scanners  
      • Printers 
      • Ticket (for example: Boca, Stima) 
      • Receipt (for example: Epson, Star) 
      • Label (for example: Dymo) 
      • Point-of-Sale Terminals (including laptops or computers) 
  • Credit Card Readers are typically not compatible, nor can they be reconfigured. It is strongly advised to purchase new units. Please contact your account rep for details and recommendations. 

If equipment is purchased from an outside source and an AgileTix team member is required to evaluate or reconfigure the item, it would be considered a billable project ($109/hr). While AgileTix team members may have some experience with equipment other than what we offer for sale, we cannot guarantee technical expertise with equipment outside of our hardware catalog. 

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