Performing a Partial Refund in AMS using a PAX Device

**This method must be used for ANY order that involves either only a partial refund or a refund to a card that was not originally used for the order.**

  1. Go to Order Maintenance and pull up the Order you are needing to refund. Picture_1.png
  2. Check the box next to the item and click the red “X” at the bottom of the screen to void it. Picture_2.pngPicture_3.png
  3. Hit the Proceed button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  4. On the Payment/Refund screen, select the card type from the drop-down menu and click Submit Refund.
  5. You will see IndependentRefund appear in the Pin Pad Interact window. Swipe or type in the Credit Card Number.                             Picture_5.png
  6. The device will say “Please Wait Processing Online." Wait for it to finish processing. Picture_6.JPG
  7. The screen will then change to “Transaction Approved! Thank You.” Picture_7.JPG
  8. The system will generate a receipt. Click Finalize.Picture_8.png
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