Setting up an Agile 2018 Webskin

Agile clients who have been using our generic Agile 2016 Skin can now move to our Agile 2018 Skin. The Agile 2018 Skin follows a responsive web design approach to work across a wide range of devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.). This new skin supports full-width images and larger thumbnails. Clients wanting to switch to the new skin should contact a client support representative about resizing images (

There is a new media carousel option on a show/film page. List pages have also been cleaned up to provide an uncluttered look in the Agile 2018 Skin.  Images for shows/films should be 1250 pixels wide by 600 pixels high.

1. Log into Administration.

2. Expand down the Corporate Organization (house) icon.


3. Select the Web folder.

4. Click Entry Points.


5. In the Entry Point Group field, right-click, select New, and then select Internet Group.

6. Name the Entry Point Group.

7. Select the Sales User. The name of the Sales User is generally Web User

8. In the Sales Terminal drop-down, select Internet or the appropriate Terminal Key that has been set up for your organization's online access.

9. Select Agile 2018 in the Skin drop-down. 


10. In the Buyer Type field, right-click and select New. Choose the appropriate Web Buyer Type (this is usually Web Standard).

11. Click Apply.

12. Select the Look and Feel tab.

13. Add your organization's homepage URL in the Logo Link field. This will direct customers back to your homepage when the header image is clicked.


14. Choose your Background Color and the Accessory colors for the website.

15. In the Menu Type drop-down list, choose the desktop-view menu format for this entry point group. NOTE: This will not affect the mobile view of the website. In general, however, the mobile view of each page will most resemble the Slide Left menu type.


  • Slide Left: The menu of entry points (Calendar, Events, etc.) will be accessed by clicking the three horizontal bars in the top left corner of the screen.


  • Horizontal: The menu of entry points will be displayed across the top of the screen.


16.  Add the link that your customers will be able to use to search for items using Key Words (this is generally your film/event list). 

17. Add HTML information (if any) that you would like to appear in the Footer located at the bottom of your web page.

18. Click the Images tab so you can upload your Banner Image. The Banner Image should be 1078 pixels wide x 150 pixels high and 72 DPI.

Choose Banner in the drop-down and click the Picture icon to upload your header image. 

A Logo image can substitute as the banner image but when there is both a banner image and a logo image, the logo image will shift to the left side of the banner. A background image will replace the background color if chosen.

19. Once you have completed setting up the Agile 2018 Entry Point Group, click Apply to save and then OK to close the screen.


Now you are ready to create your Entry Points. Below are samples of the different Entry Points views that can be created. Each sample links to the tutorial on how to create that type of URL view.

Agile List View - Click here to learn how to create this Entry Point.


Mobile View


Agile List View (tile/grid view) - Click here to learn how to create this Entry Point.


Mobile View


Agile calendar (traditional calendar)- Click here to learn how to create this Entry Point


Mobile View


Agile Schedule View- Click here to learn how to create this Entry Point


Mobile View


Agile Donation Page - Click here to learn how to create this Entry Point


Mobile View


Agile Membership/Pass Info - Click here to learn how to create this Entry Point


Mobile View


Agile Catalog View (tile/grid view for merchandise) - Click here to learn how to create this Entry Point


 Mobile View






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