Adding an Image to a Customer Record


1. Click the Customer Search Icon at the top of the page. 


2. Search for the customer that needs an image. 


3. Click the Edit Customer icon in the top of the corner. 


4. Click the Upload button under the image on the right side of the window.  


5. Chose your image from your computer. 


(Please note that the default size of the image 500 x 500 pixels. However, organizations are allowed to customize that size.)

6. If your image needs to be resized or edited, you can do that in the Agile software. When you upload your image, you will be taken to the Image editor. (See the Editing Images.) 


7. Once your image has been uploaded, click the Crop and Use button to save your edits and the image.

Note: Images added to a customer in the Agile Software will also be added to that customer's page in DonorPerfect. 

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