How to Retire a Corporate Organization House or Blue Sales Folder

Retire an Organization

It is sometimes necessary to "retire" an organization or blue sales folder in Agile. For example, if you have a yearly film festival, you will likely want to retire previous years' folders in order to streamline your view of items from the Administration side.

1. Log into Administration. 

2. Right-click on the House icon or Blue Folder that you wish to retire, and select Properties. 


3. Check the box at the bottom next to Retired.

4. Click Apply and Ok.



Make Retired Organizations and Folders Visible Again

Sometimes you need to view your retired organization or folder. Or, you may need to take an organization or folder out of retirement, and in order to do that you'll need to be able to see it, first.

1. In Administration, click View. 

2. Select Retired Orgs.

3. All retired organizations and folders should be shown now with a yellow triangle. If you need to take an organization or folder out of retirement, you can right-click it to open its Properties and un-check the Retired checkbox.

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