Importing Renewal Holds from a Previous Season into a New Season

1. In Administration click on the House icon. 

2. Open the Sales Organization folder that has your packages.

3. Click on the Package icon. 

4. Right-click on last season's package and select Properties.

5. On the General tab of the package, check the box next to Enable and Allow Renewals.

6. Click Apply to save the information. Then click OK to close last year's package.

7. Next, go to the Sale Organization folder where your new season Show/Events have been built.

8. Click on the Event or Show icon (depending on how you built your events) to see the list of your Events.

9. Select all of the Events that are in this year's season package.

10. Right-click on these events and select Season Renewal Holds.

11. In the Season Data to Match drop-down, select last year's season. 

12. In the Inventory Group to Set drop-down, select the hold status. NOTE: We recommend that you create a Season Renewal Hold that is separate from your day-to-day holds.

13. Click Apply to start the hold status function for your Events/Shows.

14. Once all of the holds have been placed, you will see the notification for all of the events. The notification will tell you if you successfully added your holds to each event. 





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