How to Import Promotion Codes

If groups of people like sponsors need to receive a fixed number of tickets, an effective way to get them these tickets is to distribute a promotion code to each sponsor. If your list of sponsors is extensive, you can follow these steps to import multiple promotion codes using an import spreadsheet.

1. Log into Administration.

2. Click on the House icon. 

3. Open the Settings Folder or Blue Sales folder that you will be adding the Promotion(s) to. 

4. Click on the Promotion icon.


5. Right-click in the Promotion Code area and select New.

6. In the Codes tab, click on the Import Example button. 

7. Save and open the example. 

8. You will need to fill out the information on the spreadsheet for each promotion code that you wish to import. NOTE: If the promotion code is a Single or Restricted use code, then enter the number of times the code can be used in Column C. If these codes have unlimited uses, then enter TRUE in Column B.

9. Once you have filled out the information, save the spreadsheet. Go back into Agile Administration and open the Sales Folder where these codes will be imported. 

10. Right-click and select New. On the general tab, give your promotion a Name and enter the Start Date and End Date that these codes will be active.

11. Select the Codes tab and then select Load File.

12. Select the completed spreadsheet.  

12. You will be able to view your Promotion codes from the Codes tab. 

(Note: In this page, you can make edits to the promotion code by double-clicking in the field you wish to change.) 


13. If you have forgotten one of your codes, you can add it in this window by selecting the Add Code button, and filling out the information in the boxes provided. 


13. Once you have double-checked all of your codes, click Apply. Now your Promotion Codes are in Agile and ready to be attached to a price.

 14. If you need to add more codes to this Promotion at a later date, you can repeat steps without having to edit the price. 

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