How to Set Up a Festival in a Box


Agile Ticketing Solutions typically aims to ship out our Festival in a Box equipment so that it arrives a day or two prior to your first event. When the box arrives, please set up the equipment as soon as possible. This allows enough time for you to test all equipment at the venue(s), make sure that the equipment will connect to the Internet, and follow up with Agile if any equipment was damaged during shipping. 


1. The equipment will arrive with a zip tie attached. Cut the zip tie and open the Velcro straps to open the box.

2. In the Festival in a Box, the first thing you will see is the Equipment Inventory List, and the instructions for returning your Festival in a Box back to Agile. Inside the instructions, you should also see a return label for shipping the equipment back to us. Please DO NOT lose this label.  

3. In your Box you will find: 

  • Two Power Supplies - One for the laptop, one for the Ticket Printer.
  • Computer Mouse
  • Credit Card Swipe
  • Laptop
  • Ticket Printer

4. Remove all equipment from the Box.

5. Your ticket stock should have been shipped separate from your box.

Note: If you have customized ticket stock, please contact support 24 hours before your first event to ensure that we have the proper setup and may make test prints. 

6. Plug in the Computer. 

7. Plug in the Ticket Printer.

8. Attach the Ticket Printer to the Computer. NOTE: There is a sticker on top of the laptop that indicates to which USB port the Ticket Printer should be connected. 

9. Plug the Credit Card Swipe into a USB port

10. Connect the Mouse to the Computer by using the remaining USB port

11. Turn on the Computer by pressing the power button that is located above the keyboard. 

12. Turn on the Ticket Printer. Some printers have power switches located on one side. Others have switches located on a bubble attached to the power cord. 

13. Load the ticket stock through the back of the printer. The short stub of the ticket stock should be loaded into the printer first.

Note: If you have issues loading your stock, do the following:

  • Open the top of your printer.
  • Press down the green lever.
  • Thread the ticket stock through the brackets.
  • Close the metal lid. If the light turns green, you are now able to print
  • Close the top of the printer.

14. Connect the Laptop to the Internet.

15. Log into Agile Sales

16. Once in Agile, you will need to print a test ticket. Click the Ticket Printer tab at the top of the screen. 

17. Select Print Test Ticket.

18. In the Test Ticket pop-up window, select your Ticket Format and Ticket Printer

19. After you have made sure that your printer is working, make sure that you can process an order. To do this, sell a test ticket. See How to Sell a Ticket in AMS for more information. 

20. Once you have determined that your system is working and that you can process an order, you will need, refund your test order. To learn how, see Processing a Refund

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