Setting Up A Revenue Payment Account

1. Log in to Administration.

2. Click the House icon..

3. Open up the Accounting folder, and click Revenue-Payment Account.


4. Right-click and select New.

5. General tab:

  • Account Type: select the appropriate item from the drop-down. For most accounts, Redeemed is appropriate. The other options have more specific uses, such as "Donation" for a donation program.


  • If selecting Redeemed, check the box next to Create matching un-redeemed account to create an identical account with Unredeemed as the Account Type.
  • Account Name: name of the account. Examples: 6-pack revenue, movie revenue, special event revenue. This name will appear in account selection drop-down menus when building pricing.


  • Account: a code or shortened name of account. This will appear on accounting reports.


  • Sales Line: Select the appropriate item from the drop-down.


  • Sales Line Type: select the appropriate item from the drop-down.


  • Price Category: select the appropriate item from the drop-down, usually Price or Fee.


  • Donor Perfect Account: This is for Donor Perfect clients ONLY. Select the correct account or click on the green plus sign to add a new one.
  • Enabled: make sure this box is checked if the account should be enabled.

6. Notes: this tab is for internal notes only.

7. Click Apply and OK to save and exit that screen.

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