Setting Up A Revenue Payment Account


When money comes in, you may want to track those sales against particular accounts. That way, you can analyze what percentage of your revenue is coming from specific sales lines like events or concessions. You may even want to track sales on a more granular level to compare revenue from films versus special events or between candy and alcoholic beverages. In Agile, sales are tracked with Revenue Payment Accounts, sometimes called General Ledger accounts. They create a means of tracking revenue both on Agile reports and in accounting systems outside of Agile. Agile can customize account names to include general ledger codes so that you can make sure transactions in Agile have a one-to-one match with the codes you want to use to track income.


Do yourself and your accounting team a favor by learning how to set up revenue payment accounts using the steps below.


1. Log in to Administration.

2. Click the House icon..

3. Open up the Accounting folder, and click Revenue-Payment Account.


4. Right-click and select New.

5. General tab:

  • Account Type: select the appropriate item from the drop-down. For most accounts, Redeemed is appropriate. The other options have more specific uses, such as "Donation" for a donation program.


  • If selecting Redeemed, check the box next to Create matching un-redeemed account to create an identical account with Unredeemed as the Account Type.
  • Account Name: name of the account. Examples: 6-pack revenue, movie revenue, special event revenue. This name will appear in account selection drop-down menus when building pricing.


  • Account: a code or shortened name of account. This will appear on accounting reports.


  • Sales Line: Select the appropriate item from the drop-down.


  • Sales Line Type: select the appropriate item from the drop-down.


  • Price Category: select the appropriate item from the drop-down, usually Price or Fee.


  • Donor Perfect Account: This is for Donor Perfect clients ONLY. Select the correct account or click on the green plus sign to add a new one.
  • Enabled: make sure this box is checked if the account should be enabled.

6. Notes: this tab is for internal notes only.

7. Click Apply and OK to save and exit that screen.

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