Overriding Donor Management Values During A Sale

The Agile / DonorPerfect integration allows information entered into Agile to populate appropriate fields into gift and other info entries in DonorPerfect. Gift values such as Campaign, Solicitation, Sub Solicitation, and Thank You Letter are set to defaults on each item in the admin application. Refer to the articles Setting Up Gifts In Agile and Setting Up Other Info In Agile to learn how to set default values for these fields.

This process is regularly used to change the Solicitation on donations and membership purchases to reflect how the gift was received.

Access to override the donor management values is controllable by the Donor Management Values Override permission.

Point Of Sale Interface:

  1. In the Point of Sale interface, you can click the  button to override the values used to create gift/other info records in DonorPerfect.  

Regular Sales Interface:

The regular sales interface is similar to the POS interface, but you have more granular control of which items you want to edit.

  1. Once items have been added to the transaction you need to view the current order summary.
  2. You can click the  button to select all items or just click on the checkbox next to the item you want to override.
  3. You should then click the  button to override the values used to create gift/other info records in DonorPerfect.

Adjusting the Values:

  1. The default donor management values set for each item are shown in the appropriate fields.  You can adjust each item to correctly specify how this record should be recorded in DonorPerfect.
  2. Once each value is set correctly, click the OK button and complete the transaction.


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