Selling a New Pass in AMS

  1. Log in to Agile Ticketing Solutions with your username and password. (If you haven’t received your user credentials, please contact your system administrator to set up your username and password.)
  2. Make sure that you are cashed in before starting sales for the day.  See "Cashing In and Creating a Daily User Batch in AMS" for further instructions. 
  3. Click the Customer icon to search for a customer account.
  4. Search by keyword, last name, email address, or customer number to see if they already have a customer record on file. If their name appears, double-click their customer record. 
  5. If the customer is not already in the system, you will need to create a new customer account by clicking Add New.
  6. Enter the customer's information into the Quick Add Customer pop-up. Once you have captured all the customer's information, click OK.
  7. Once you have selected a customer’s account, select the Membership tab on the left side of the screen. Select the name of the folder where the pass program is built.
  8. Choose the pass program on the right. If you do not see the pass program, you may need to check the Restricted Prices box to see all pricing options.
  9. Select the Price price you want to sell and add the quantity of passes the customer wants to purchase.
  10. After selecting the membership type and quantity, click Proceed in the lower-right corner.
  11. A window will pop up asking you to assign the pass to the passholder's name. Click the name and then click OK.
    Note: Some passes allow more than one person to be assigned to it. Make sure to click the Plus sign to add a second customer to those passes that allow multiple members.
  12. The next screen is an Item Summary where you can review your order before processing a payment and finalizing an order.
  13. Once you have confirmed everything on the Item Summary screen is correct, click Proceed in the lower-right corner.
  14. The Change Delivery Methods window will pop up.  Select the delivery method desired and then click OK.
  15. On the Payment Information screen, select the payment method (Cash, MasterCard, Gift Card, etc.)

    Note: If you are using a POS station or have a USB Credit Card swipe attached to your terminal, you can swipe the credit card and all the credit card information will populate and automatically finalize the order.
  16. Click Apply Payment to complete the order.

    Note: If there is no balance due on the order, or if you are processing a comp membership type, then you will only need to click Finalize to complete the transaction.
  17. Once the order has finalized, the Order Confirmation page will pop up.
  18. Click Order Confirmation to start the confirmation process.
  19. Once you click Order Confirmation, the Order Confirmation Options window will pop up. Make sure the email address is correct, add any message you want to appear on the confirmation email and click Send Confirmation to email them their confirmation receipt.



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