Adding Delivery Fees

You may want to recoup your costs for printing, mailing, or shipping an item by passing the cost to your customers who choose that form of delivery. This article will show you how to set up a delivery fee in Agile.

1) Log in to Administration.

2) Click on the House icon.

3) Open the Pricing folder and click on the Delivery Fees icon.


4) Right-click and select New Delivery Price.

5) On the General Tab, right-click in the white box and click New Price.

  • Sales Line Type: select the appropriate option from the drop-down.
  • Delivery Method: select the appropriate option from the drop-down. (ex. you may charge $2 for mail but $0 for will call pick-up.) See the article: Creating a New Price
  • Sales Channel: select sales channels for which this delivery method should be available.
  • Delivery Price Type: select the appropriate type from the drop-down. There may be a need for multiple delivery fees for the same delivery method, so the Delivery Price Type helps to specify which may be complimentary or charged.
  • Functional Area: gives the ability to limit the availability of some delivery fees.
  • Enabled: make sure this is checked if the fee should be available.

6) Description tab: add a description of the delivery fee here. This will be available for customers to see online if they click on the delivery fee. If you have a set mailing schedule, this is a good area to list dates when customers might expect their item(s) to be delivered.

7) To apply the delivery fee, on the Showing Level or Event, go to the Delivery tab. Check the appropriate delivery methods, and add the start date (the number of days prior to the showing the delivery method is available) and the cutoff date (the number of days prior to the showing the delivery method becomes unavailable).

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