Setting Up Gifts in Agile

Integration with DonorPerfect allows information entered into Agile to populate the appropriate fields in DonorPerfect. Every item that can be sold in Agile can trigger either a Gift or an Other Info entry being added to a donor's record in DonorPerfect. For this article, a donation program in Agile will be used as an example of how to set up the gift integration.

  1. Expand the Accounting folder for your organization.                 SUGAstep1.png
  2. Click the Donations icon to view your donation programs. Either choose a current program or create a new one. Click here to learn how to Create a Donation. SUGAstep2.png
  3. Click the Donor Management tab to view the available options.SUGAstep3.png
  4. The Gift Properties section in the Donor Management tab contains several important settings used for the gift records in DonorPerfect. The Campaign, Solicitation, Sub Solicitation, Thank-You Letter, and Receipt Delivery Pref are code fields pulled directly from your DonorPerfect account. The Include In Gift Calculations checkbox controls whether the amount of this gift should be included in any calculated fields in DonorPerfect.  

    Setting these values in Agile will control what is set in the gift record that Agile creates with this integration.

    You can add new codes by clicking the  button next to the appropriate code field.

  5. In order to make this program a gift, we must make sure that the Account listed for this program in the General Tab of the Donation window (as seen below) is tied to a DonorPerfect General Ledger account.SUGAstep5.png
  6. Go back to the Accounting folder and click the Revenue-Payment Account icon.                                               SUGAstep6.png
  7. Right-click the account which the donation program is using and select Properties.SUGAstep7.png
  8. Choose the appropriate general ledger account or create a new one using the  button.
  9. By setting the DonorPerfect Account, the integration now understands that items sold against this account should be considered gifts. 

    The donation program is now set up to create gift records in DonorPerfect.

Gifts created by the Agile integration will set other values as needed based on the transaction that occurred on the Agile terminal.

Date - The date of the transaction.

Gift Amount - The total dollar amount for the gift.

Record Type - Always added as Gift.

Campaign - The campaign value set on the item in Agile.

Solicitation - The solicitation value set on the item in Agile.

Sub Solicitation - The sub solicitation value set on the item in Agile.

Thank You Letter - The thank you letter value set on the item in Agile.

Fair Market Value - This is set to $0 for donation programs, but it can be set via the Fair Market Value option on a price record in Agile.

Type of Gift - This value is set based on the payment type used.

Reference / Check Number - The document number from the payment.

General Ledger - The general ledger account that we linked to the Agile account.

Do Not Calculate - This is set via the Include In Gift Calculations value set in Agile.

Gift Memo - This contains a description of the item along with some reference numbers to look up the order in Agile.

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