Season/Package Batch Fulfillment

1. Log in to Sales. 

2. Cash in and create a Daily User Batch.

3. Click the Support Function tab at the top of the page. Then, hover over Fulfillment then select Package. (Image 1)

Image 1


4. In the Package tab, select the organization that you want to print. (Image 2)

Image 2

5. To select all orders that will be fulfilled, click the  at the bottom of the screen. (Image 3).

Image 3

6.  Click on the Ticket icon  at the bottom of the screen. 

7. In the Fulfillment Options window, select Header Format to print a header ticket with the customer's name, address etc. for the order. Un-check the Print Payment Receipts. Select the radio button next to Print Passes, if you are printing passes, or Print Tickets, if you are printing a ticket order. You also need to make sure the correct printer is chosen in the Selected Printers section. Then, select OK. (Image 4)

Image 4

8. To print a Welcome Letter or an Order Confirmation, you will go to the Fulfillment Batch tab on the Package Fulfillment page. 


9. Right-click on the batch that was fulfilled, and click Order Confirmation. A pop-up window will appear showing the order confirmation letter. Select Print



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