Season/Package Batch Fulfillment

1. Log in to Sales. 

2. Cash in and create a Daily User Batch.

3. Click the Support Function tab at the top of the page. Then hover over  Fulfillment then select Package. (Image 1)

Image 1


4. In the Package tab select the organization that you want to print. (Image 2)

Image 2

5. To select all orders that will be fulfilled, click the  at the bottom of the screen. (Image 3)

Image 3

6.  Click on the Ticket icon  at the bottom of the screen. 

7. In the Fulfillment Options window, select Header Format to print a header ticket with the customer's name, address etc. for the order.  Un-check the Print Payment Receipts. Select the radio button next to Print Passes if you are printing passes or Print Tickets if you are printing a ticket order . You also need to make sure the correct printer is chosen and in the Selected Printers section. Then select OK. (Image 4)

Image 4

8. To print a Welcome Letter or an Order Confirmation you will go to the Fulfillment Batch tab on the Package Fulfillment page. 


9. Right click on the batch that was fulfilled and click Order Confirmation. A popup window will appear showing the order confirmation letter.  Select Print



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